Mental Health Counseling Degrees: Spotlight On Psychology Careers

Mental Health Counseling Degrees: Spotlight On Psychology Careers
Are you interested in establishing your career in psychology and want to be in a position to assess different people in their problems and lead them to in positive state of mind by providing them helpful insights? Are you looking to grow your psychology career and reach a height where there is no looking back? If yes then making a career in Mental-Health counseling is the best option for you.

A Mental-Health counselor is a trained professional who provides counseling to the people either in groups or individually. A Mental-Health counselor helps to promote and generate the well-being of his patients and makes sure that they are living in normal and best conditions.

In order to become a Mental-Health counselor you will have to acquire mental health counseling degrees. You will have to complete your bachelors degree in psychology with Mental-Health as your major subject. In the mental health counseling programs you will be taught how to use psychology and its different applications in treating the patients and making their life simpler and easier.

In the mental health counseling programs you will be responsible for adopting a holistic approach while helping your clients. You will learn how to study the external environment and how they impact the life of your client.

You will be looking at several aspects of the client like his behavior, physical health and his emotional well-being. You will also have to observe various other factors that may affect his life in one or the other way.

In order to start your career as Mental-Health counselor you will have to have a MS, MA or MSW degree. Generally it is a two year program in which you are also provided with an internship so that you can work with the people directly and understand their mental condition. In your masters degree program you will get a degree in your relevant field.

Being a mental health counselor you can earn a salary ranging from $36,000 to $61,000 annually. You can also start your private counseling after gaining your license. Ideally, it will take around five years to establish your career and reputation as a health counselor in a private practice.

You can obtain your mental health counseling degree from a number of universities and schools. You can even opt for an online degree if work or family commitments keep you busy and do not allow you to attend regular college courses. However, when you choose mental health counseling degree providers online, make sure that you search and acquire information about the college completely so that you do not end up taking admission in a non approved college. It is important that the college from which you purse you your mental health counseling program is a reputed and recognized college with the proper accreditation so that you do not to have to face difficulties while applying for a job or looking for an internship.

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Famous Psychologist – Carl Jung

Famous Psychologist – Carl Jung
Carl Gustav Jung (Carl Jung) is one of the famous Swiss psychiatrists and well known as the founder of analytical psychology (also known as Jungian psychology). Born on 26th July, 1875, Carl Gustav Jung belonged to the family of pastor and became the first modern psychologist to state and explain that the human psyche and explore its in depth. He is one of the few renowned psychologists whose approach towards psychology has constantly influenced the different fields of psychology and counter-cultural movements all across the globe.

Childhood Days

Carl was the only son of Johannes Paul Achilles Jung and Emilie Preiswerk living in Kesswil, Switzerland. Carl’s eccentric and depressed mother lived separate from him for several months in the hospital due to unknown physical ailments. At the age of four, the family moved to Basel. Young Carl lived most of his life without his mother due to her psychological disease. His mother’s depressed mood influenced his attitude towards women at young age. Although Carl Jung had least interest in psychology, but his interest developed in this field only after he started studying psychiatric textbook.ItII It appeared very exciting and interesting to him. He instantly realized that this is a field he can make his career. In fact, it was the combination of both biology and spiritual facts, which became the most favorite subject for him.

Career as a Psychologist

In the year 1895, at the University of Basel, Jung studied about medicines. Later, in the year 1900 he worked in a psychiatric hospital of Zurich named Burgholzli. His dissertation titled ‘On the Psychology and Pathology of So-Called Occult Phenomenon’ was published in 1903. After three years, another book named ‘Studies in Word Association’ published. Later he sent an edition of this book to Sigmund Freud, after their friendship started and followed for next six years. In 1912 their friendship broke when Jung published ‘Wandlungen und Symbole der Libido’. This publication unfortunately raised a theoretical variance between Carl and Freud. For the period of First World War, Carl Jung was appointed as a doctor in army and soon he became commandant of an internment camp for British army.

Personal life

In 1903 Jung married to Emma Rauschenbach and five children, named as Gret, Franz, Marianne, Helene and Agathe. Their married life lasted until Emma’s death in 1955. Jung dedicated his life to his writings and psychological practice. After living truly as one of the great minds of psychology he had to give up his work in 1944 due to a severe heart attack. His career included the professorship of medical psychology at the University of Basel and the titular from 1933 until 1942. He founded the C. G. Jung Institute in Zurich in 1948. He was also honored with doctorates by many important universities all over the world. After serving his life as a famous psychologist he died in the Kusnacht on 6th June, 1961.

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Human Resource Schools: The Difference Between Hr Mba & Masters

Human Resource Schools: The Difference Between Hr Mba & Masters
Learn about human resources schools and the difference between a HR MBA and masters degree.

Many people are confused about the differences between an HR MBA and a human resource management masters degree. I will explain the differences between the two and highlight some of the pros and cons of each. In general, it comes down to your specific career goals, past experience, and how confident you are that human resources is your long term career of choice.

An MBA in human resources is a program that provides you with all the same curriculum of a general MBA program, but then allows you to focus more on the principles and practices of HR management. You can expect to take courses in business management, financials, business law, and all the courses you would expect from a typical MBA program; however, you will also get to take a set of courses in topics such as human capital management, organizational psychology, and employment laws.

A masters degree in human resource management is different than an HR MBA because it is designed to delve into much more depth and cover a more comprehensive set of topics pertaining to human resources. A masters degree in HR management will get into topics such as collective bargaining, compensation and motivation theory, employee and workplace psychology, talent acquisition, and managing organizational change. While these are merely a sampling of courses you will be taking, the main point to be made is that the masters in human resource management is a much more focused, on-topic, program, while the HR MBA is more comprehensive in nature.

If you have already been working in a human resource role and feel confident that this is a career path that is aligned with your long term goals, then it might be best to get the most thorough and specific education via a human resource masters degree. If; however, you are unsure exactly where you fit into the business world long term, an HR MBA may be the better option because if you change your mind about working in an HR capacity down the road, you will still have the MBA education and curriculum to fall back on, which will enable you to take on a variety of other roles in the business world, including other management roles.

The great news for working professionals who dont want to disrupt their current jobs is that online human resources degrees are now readily available through many reputable schools. In fact, online programs are now preferred by both employers and employees because of the flexibility and low impact on their current work schedules. Many companies also have tuition reimbursement programs in an effort to support the further education and growth of their workforce.

Start by researching the specifics on HR MBA and other masters level programs and find human resources schools offering online or campus based programs. Your HR management career is waiting for you.

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The Importance Of Kids Entertainment Sydney

The Importance Of Kids Entertainment Sydney
Bringing smile to anybodys face is difficult and it is a pious job. Bringing smile to a childs face and this is more difficult. One can consider that entertaining kids is not the hardest task but this is not the easiest one also. They get bored very frequently and you can never ask them every time to see cartoons sitting in front of television. This is the reason why people get the importance of kids entertainment Sydney. Sometimes, you need to try your best to satisfy the curiosities as well as the logical probing. You have no other option rather than constantly showing your interest to answer their ?Why? Why? Why?? You can never expect them to ask such questions on any kind of basic logic rather you can find such questions behind any game or lesson.

You have to maintain each and every curiosity of your child. Moreover, if you follow a constant learning system they can be bored very quickly. They cannot give desired concentration in such process. This is the duty of being parents to make the learning process very interesting. Kids activities Sydney is a good option that can assist you to give proper learning to your children. Result and mark are not the last words for their education. Learning and education do not have much relation with marks. Giving lessons to increase grades at schools is not all about education. However, this term is beyond this small span. This is connected with the proper growth and development of your child that can be psychological or physical.

Kids entertainment Sydney helps a lot in terms of making the character or morals in your child. You should keep in mind that only learning could never make them interested rather you must add some spices to the process. Even simple game play can also be a major part of the learning process. Not only for the learning process, if you are arranging some kind of family parties where you have to deal with a lot of children, it is very important to focus on their entertainment part. You cannot expect that similar entertaining factors can cheer those children equally. Being a good host, you should give more importance to their zone of interest.

Kids are always curious to know more. If you arrange something like kids entertainment Sydney, they can have great fun. At the same time, if they can engage themselves with such activities, they will not irritate their parents also. So arranging such activities for the kids, you can help the parents also to enjoy the party to the least. Moreover, the children can enjoy their part as well. One more thing, in such parties children have the chance to mix up with some other children. They can be familiar with some unknown friends and smiling together can make them understand several important things. Such friendly nature can help them a lot in future. Children can come to know how they can make friendship with unknown people and can enjoy together without knowing them earlier.

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Children And Cell Phone: Some Issues To Consider

Children And Cell Phone: Some Issues To Consider
The 21st Century is the time of advanced technology. The modern day technical devices are so easy to use that even a 4 year old child can operate a cell phone or a video game. These devices are catchy enough to grasp anyones attention easily. Earlier there were different devices for the purpose of communication. Radio was the initial audio medium through which people used to convey their messages to a large number of people. After that television was invented that had both audio and visual impacts.

Thus it became rapidly popular among the common people. The computer came in the later part of the 20th century and became an instant hit. This device reduces human efforts and thus was greatly adopted by the corporate houses. In the communication technology, mobile phones brought a revolution. It was portable and thus people could carry it anywhere easily. In the initial stages, these phones were bulky and it costs a good amount of money also. But with the advancement in technology and growing competition in the market, many companies came with cheaper mobile phones that can be easily afforded by the common people. Now the trend of smart phones has started. 3G and 4G services made this device more attractive to the young generation. In metropolises, we can hardly find a teen age boy or girl without a smart phone.

The mobile devices succeeded to attract all age group of people- from children to youth and from middle aged to the older citizens. The children learn to operate these phones in a very early age because of the availability of the device in their houses. They use it as a device to play games. Parents, in fact, easily provide their adolescents with cell phones so that they can play different games through that. Research shows that kids, who use mobile phones in a regular basis, suffer from different mental and physical problems. Moreover, this can bring life threat to the kids if they use it in a wrong way. The rays that mobile phones discharge may harm body cells and damage your DNA. The mobile rays may cause damage to the brain cells and can impact the psychology of the kids.

Likewise, putting a cell phone in children’s hands before they can take care of the technology might be a waste of money and could prematurely erode family intercommunication. Many times its been noticed that kids remain busy over phones and dont give attention to what their parents are saying to them. Many parents complain of their childs lack of attention these days. Moreover, the iPhones of the modern time also have the facility of GPRS and the Internet. Thus it becomes very easy for the kids to access any information through net. It is no doubt is useful to be in touch with the world, but this may sometime make kids involved in illegal activities. Thus there is no harm in providing children with mobile phones, but there should be proper adults supervision on the activities of the kids over phone.

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Chicago Residents Four Reasons To Get A Bachelors Degree In Psychology

Chicago Residents Four Reasons To Get A Bachelors Degree In Psychology
Choosing what to study in college comes easy for some, and not so easy for others. Those wondering whether psychology schools in Chicago are right for them have much to consider. There are many reasons to complete a bachelor’s program, and many benefits to doing so. While a degree is not a guarantee of employment, many graduates find rewarding benefits after completing their education. These benefits are often the top reasons to get a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Sense of Personal Accomplishment

A sense of accomplishment can be one of the top reasons to attend a school of psychology. Finishing a bachelor’s degree program can take time and dedication, and reaching the goal of graduation can instill a sense of accomplishment in many students. From this point, you may also choose to go on to earn higher degrees in psychology.

Variety of Options

Variety and specialization offer another reason to choose psychology schools in Chicago. There are many different paths in this career choice to select from. Some may wish to pursue advanced degrees in the hopes of entering private practice in general psychology while others may wish to get into specialty fields or career options. This may include criminal psychology or working with children.

Better Understand Human Behavior

Chicago students finding themselves fascinated with the mind and how it works often choose a school of psychology. This interest often includes wondering why people behave the way that they do or how group dynamics work. An inquisitive mind is often essential to success and growth in psychology. Students who have a strong desire to make a difference and learn about how people work often do well in this field.

Learn Real World Skills

Students who complete a bachelor’s in psychology in Chicago are not allowed by state law to pursue clinical work directly with patients. Direct clinical contact usually requires a masters or doctorate degree, so students who wish to work as therapists or counselors will have to move on to advanced degrees in specialized fields of psychology.

Students who are ready to enter the Chicago area workforce can pursue a variety of career options. The critical thinking and analytical skills learned through a bachelor’s program can equip graduates to work everywhere from retail environments to human resources departments. Psychology graduates can be found in sales, marketing, insurance, public relations, advertising, and just about every field in between.

Visit for more information about psychology schools in Chicago and school of psychology.

Choosing what to study in college comes easy for some, and not so easy for others. Those wondering whether psychology schools in Chicago are right for them have much to consider. There are many reasons to complete a bachelor’s program, and many benefits to doing so.

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Benefits Associated With On-line Educational Institutions

Benefits Associated With On-line Educational Institutions
In recent economic climate and also growing inflation it is difficult to carry on your own job and education together. On-line education and learning can be a good academic program which will help men and women from various walks of life; from college scholars to housewives, anyone can take important things about web based academic system. Plenty believe web based educational institutions are simply waste of money and should not match conventional school courses, on the other hand not agree basic an over-simplification and also unsuitable understanding to the fact that on-line education is much better.

Online college in recent working movements across the globe are a necessity of pros and so are totally helpful, important, trustworthy, and will assist us in most aspect of everyday living. In this posting ‘m going to throw light on a few great things about web based education and learning:

Many of the scholars who would like to resume the amount but get stuck in economic and personal crisis could avail this one in a very lifetime opportunity. The web based academic process at web based schools are incredibly student friendly along with their tutorial videos and on the internet course submissions are up to date with far better effective approach as compared to standard equivalents.

After getting married and having children it is not as simple as we feel to keep our routine even as were scholars. Once you have married a person has his family to give helping to make him quit his work and education throughout the day. On-line education and learning has solved this concern too. With person’s very own time management techniques system Learning online Universities has enabled earning parents to undergo this kind of obstacle with no issue.

As being a house wife is the most complicated job I have ever got word of. After which has a child it’s not easy to carry on education and career. Online schools will provide on line training to house wives so that they can also help their partners in earning bread and butter after completing their degree. Flexible schedule of web based universities can be be extremely useful because of their highly hectic schedule.

Lots of people protest that they are being under compensated and the work they’re doing deserves more money in addition to facilities. There is however an enormous obstacle with shod and non-shod and just what they deserve which is their own low qualification. Via on-line education schemes people can finish the higher studies and may furthermore request progress inside their current job.

There exists a serious issue generally of the students they can not match their teacher’s pace in class room. This brings about negative marking on the report cards and examination. Online education programs understands this thing very well which is the primary reason they are supplying separate coaching tactic to young people who cannot match instructor’s teaching pace.

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Texas Schools Set An Example

Texas Schools Set An Example
Happy Days in Texas Schools

Texas school districts are enjoying a revival, and how! In recent years, the state’s schools are finding increased success meeting all the measures of a school’s success- motivated well performing students, and schools and teachers who set the bar higher for themselves. More tellingly, these high achievement levels of Texas schools cover students across all racial and linguistic divides, a happy state of affairs in a system where educational proficiency differences between ethnic groups are still marked. It’s not perfect, but look at the results so far.

Enhanced Student Performance at Texas Schools

According to 2005 education statistics, nine out of ten children in Texas schools passed the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills Test. This challenging test aims at gauging proficiency levels before graduation. This increased proficiency has long term benefits in other areas as well. Many students in Texas schools are now opting for AP (Advanced Placement) courses, and many of them are enjoying successful results in these exams. In fact in 2004-05, nearly 99,429 students taking the AP tests were graded at 3 or higher on a scale of 1 to 5. Compare this to the 28,331 students who placed at the same grade in 1996.

Increasing Program Options at Texas Schools

Yet another measure of a school’s functioning is the kind of opportunities that it can offer its students, and it appears Texas schools are doing just that. In many Texas schools, foreign language studies are required to be undertaken for a minimum of two years in order to be eligible for graduation. Hiring qualified foreign language teachers has proven to be a problem in the past, but the Texas schools have found a way of circumventing this problem by making use of distance learning techniques and video conferencing equipment. This approach coupled with innovative teaching methodologies has proven to be a great success. In fact, it’s been so popular that the program is now being expanded to include courses in other languages, economics, and psychology.

Challenges of Distance Learning in Texas Schools

The success of this distance learning mechanism in some Texas schools has prompted the expansion of this program to many other schools in the state. The system, although successful, isn’t without its challenges. Often teachers provide distance instruction in more than one school, and that creates problems when it comes to adjusting dates. School days and breaks may differ between districts, and this creates challenges for teachers who have to resort to some really expert juggling to reach all the Texas schools they serve. However, these are relatively minor issues, and nothing that can’t be aided by using some good old fashioned determination. And new-fashioned technology. By using cutting edge equipment to smooth out the distance learning mechanism these districts are showing the way to other schools around the country.

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Going Mental Over Golf Instruction Schools

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Going Mental Over Golf Instruction Schools

By: Phoenix Delray
Golf instruction schools across the country are embracing an old theory and developing it into a new concept: golf psychology. Like any other sport, there is a degree of mental preparation that must be undertaken to really succeed as a golfer.

Once a player has mastered his swing, he must learn how to control the thoughts and emotions that go hand in hand with playing golf. To be a truly great player, you must learn to maintain emotional balance on the golf course and use energy effectively, not wasting it on unnecessary emotions and actions.

It is known in the field of psychology that anger, frustration, anxiety, and a fear of failure can all affect a persons physical actions quite negatively. With all of the anxiety and frustration, a persons adrenaline kicks in, releasing norepinephrine, releasing adrenalin into the muscles. This causes heart rate increases, high blood pressure, and blood lactate levels increase. This all increases the tension in a players muscles, affecting flexibility and a golfers ability to perform well. Thus the cycle keeps circling, because this then of course causes more frustration and anger. Increased adrenaline also can reduce the amount of blood flowing to the hands, affecting a players grip on the club. This is all why it is believed that the basis of any great game of golf starts with mental health and control.

According to many golf instruction schools, gaining control of the thoughts and emotions that present themselves during a game can be accomplished by many different means, including hypnosis, meditation, and relaxation training. Reducing stress by mastering the mind is an exciting area of golf. Psychologists agree that the mind always leads the body. The brain creates the mental images that are necessary to accomplish certain goals in a game of golf. The images then serve as a reference point, or map, that guide the bodys actions towards the goal. In the end, golf instruction school experts claim that once a golfer masters these concepts, all that is left to be done is to just swing the club.

Many golf instruction schools teach the keys to performance as being able to imagine or visualize what you want your performance to be like and being able to manage emotional challenges effectively. Distractions are a constant part of any game of golf, and strategically avoiding and managing those distractions is key. Finally, golf instruction schools recommend becoming vigorously involved in the mechanics of the game, maintaining focus and also avoiding outcome thinking and over emphasizing results.

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Educational And Licensing Requirements To Be A Physical Therapy Assistant

Educational And Licensing Requirements To Be A Physical Therapy Assistant
Physical therapist assistants (PTAs) perform a variety of tasks under the track and supervision of physical therapists. Their prime responsibilities generally consist of conducting therapeutic exercises, provide therapeutic massage, and observe patients recovery along with evaluate data on a patient’s progress. Adding to this, they are equally responsible for keeping the treatment area clean and organized and for preparing for each patients therapy. Definitely, it is one of the few careers that demand special skills that can be only nurtured through intensive training. It wont be wrong to say that physical therapist assistants need a proper training and a moderate educational degree as much physical exertion and good knowledge to assist patients going through treatment.

Regarding the educational requirement, an individual must have a high school diploma or its equivalent. Besides this, candidates should take courses in mathematics and science in high school. Potential physical therapist assistants may also gain experience by volunteering part time in a hospital, clinic or working with handicapped children in summer camps. Though, in recent times much medical and health-care centers are looking for PTAs who have earned an associate degree through an accredited physical therapist assistant program.

This physical therapist assistant course is normally a two-year program that mainly includes both coursework and clinical experience. The course mainly involves subjects like chemistry, biology, anatomy and physiology, algebra, and psychology. Moreover, these days there are many colleges offer the physical therapist assistant programs that require a student to visit 1-2 physical therapy sites, usually one inpatient and one outpatient. The visitations are important as it is discussed during the admission interview with the school’s PTA program director.

Apart from this, some states require licensure or registration for the physical therapist assistant to practice. Although having licensure or registration is not always compulsory in all states of the United States to allow physical assistants to practice. The States that necessitate licensure also specify certain educational as well as an examination criterion. The other requirements may also include the certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) as well as additional first aid and a required number of hours for experience in clinical practices. The PTAs also should be well-organized, detail oriented, and caring. They need to have strong interpersonal skills and an aspiration to help people in need.

Today it can be recognized as one of the few career options that may offer you the long-term employment growth. Performing the responsibility of a physical therapy assistant or technician, you may be one of the key health care professionals that can be very important in ensuring and extending proper support to different patients.

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